Profit, Inc. in full force ::

Since his first appearance in WWC, Byrne has been steadily gaining momentum.  After founding the Profit, Inc. group alongside manager William Ulysses Profit, Byrne and company (Flash Fury and the monster known only as Sturgis) have been cementing their dominance in a bid for all of WWC's gold.

In December, an excellent plan of Will's allowed Flash Fury to become the WWC United States Champion.  Another plan sees Profit, Inc. looking for a Cruiserweight to support in a run for the title, and their eyes are firmly set on the World and Tag Team belts as well.  Of course, not everyone is happy with this, so sometimes, you get what we get this weekend.

Superstar Shawn Parks has challenged Flash Fury for the WWC United States Championship, with the bizarre stipulation that the loser must wear a dress.  With Profit, Inc. at his back, how can Fury lose?

Also, the rest of Profit, Inc. will be in action in other matches.  Come to the Cherry Fork Community Center to check them out this weekend!


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