Profit, Inc. in full force ::
WWC in Cherry Fork, OH on Saturday, August 7th 2004  

WWC will see the return of Ric Byrne and Profit, Inc. THIS SATURDAY, AUGUST 7th.

Manager William U. Profit has declared that a new dawn is rising on the WWC, and that Profit, Inc. will emerge as the strongest group in WWC history.

However, Profit's confident words may belie a desperate man. At the last WWC show, the team of Flashburn (Ric Byrne & Flash Fury) failed to defeat Vile & Vain (aka "Too Fine" Jason Taylor) in a 2-Of-3 Falls match for the WWC Tag Team Championships. Jimmy Rage managed to maintain his WWC Cruiserweight Championship, but only through the assistance of the aforementioned Ric Byrne. After Profit, Inc. interfered in the main event, even the dastardly Fabulous Frederick amended his ways in order to stand up against the group. Word has it that Frederick and Byrne now both claim to have unfinished business with the other, but how this will play out is anyone's guess.

The lack of titles isn't the only thing that could be shaking the foundation of Profit, Inc. Rumors of dissent within the troops seem to be centered around a conflict brewing between two or more members of Profit, Inc. "No way," refutes Will. "I run this group, and there's no room for naysayers and dissenters. They know this. Any information that you have to the contrary is completely unfounded."

With every title on the line, there's a chance that Profit, Inc. could make a run for all titles besides the Heavyweight, which is already scheduled to be defended by Fabulous Frederick against Billy McCarty. Will the Profit, Inc. team try to regain the US Title? Will they be able to capture the gold back from the tag team champions? Can Rage maintain his tenuous grasp on the Cruiserweight gold? Be there this Saturday, August 7th, to find out!

7:00PM Doors open

Cherry Fork Community Center, Cherry Fork, OH

For you MapQuest-style people, Cherry Fork's zip code is 45618.

Directions, however, are relatively simple.

From the Cincinnati area, take State Rte 32 east (this is the Batavia exit off of 275) to State Rte 136. There is a traffic light at this intersection. Turn right on 136. Go 5 miles to Cherry Fork. The gym is on the right and sits right on the Highway.


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