On Saturday, in Huber Heights, VCW put me up against a cruiserweight named Crypt.  Poor guy never really stood a chance.  I bet he's still regretting accepting the match, even if he did slip in a 3 count.

I wasn't out there to win.  I was out there to set an example.  Crypt was hit with the Burnout three times after the bell, and I'm not too certain he's woken up yet.  Their inept Commissioner decided to put his face out there and try to establish authority - but I ignored him, much the way every authority figure I've ever met has ignored me.  Finally, both Trevor Lowe and Logan Caine ran out from the back to put a stop to the merciless beating I was laying on my opponent after the match.

Perfect.  That means I have them worried, after being there less than a day.  It means that they're afraid of something that I have, something I do, and that the only way they want to face me is by teaming up.

That's just the way I want it.

Now that they realize they have to fear me, that means I'm in control.  For the first time in my life, I have real power over the thoughts and lives of others.  I can make them move like puppets in response to whatever I do.

I warned them.  And I'm very happy that they didn't listen.


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