Damn it all to hell.

I have little enough to talk about - my ennui and general distaste for anything in particular tends to make for repetitive, vaguely self-promotional statements that I've labeled as "Rants".  So, I'm looking to shake things up a bit.

from this point on, I'll try to update more often, including travel logs of the shows I'm attending, and what's going on there.  In addition, I'm looking to actually invite you to send me email - ric@ricbyrne.com.  Ask me anything, and I'll toss the question and answer up in an upcoming Rant, modeled after the "Ask Doe" segments from Shirley Doe's website.

Speaking of, I'll be seeing Doe on Saturday, August 30th, at the VCW show up in Troy.  I always look forward to seeing him and the rest of the Pittsburgh contingent, so that'll be an refreshing change of pace.

Also, I'm really looking forward to September 6th, which is the Red Barn 2 Year Anniversary Show for the HWA.  I suckered them into letting me take on Brother Clay in a Hardcore Match, something rare for the HWA.  Part of me regrets it, because this means that I'm guaranteed to hurt after the match - but getting to blast Brother Clay with a chair every week up to the match has been rather enjoyable.

So, look out for these two dates, and send me your questions.


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