There are many morons out there in the big internet land, who stylize themselves as "experts".  A few of these have taken upon themselves to email me, all with some - interesting - commentary.

Some of it amuses me. I have been told that I don't really have scars, that I just apply liquid latex over my upper body before a match. I've also been told that I'm nothing more than a cheap Kane knock off. Of course, I'm used to hearing from small-minded people who can't even spell out the word "you", and I typically ignore them. However, one recent email got me steamed.

A barely cognitively functioning imbecile decided to write this:

"How stupid. Moms don't do things like that to their kids. Next time come up with an original or at least believable character."

(The spelling errors are on the part of the person who emailed me, BTW)

Really? So I guess I must be delusional. And so must be the rest of the world - read THIS.

Bridget Stovall lives - yet the children she birthed have left this world by her own hand.  It seems that a deluded mother killed both of her children - and why?  Because they were "evil" and needed to be "exorcised".

See, this is the worst part about society - it's total ignorance of the atrocities it allows to happen, and its utter denial that the events ever actually happen.  And when faced with the fact that such an atrocity was committed, society as a whole does its best to forget about it.  The very thought that this woman was declared "Not Guilty" - for whatever the reason - and will be allowed to continue living is something that I find unconscionable.

Oh, but I forget myself.  I just "made up" what happened to me.  Anyone who did such a thing would go to jail for the rest of their natural life, right?  Right?

So, go ahead - mock me.  Vilify me, demonize me, and claim that everything I say is a lie.  But know that one day, somehow, this is going to bite all of you on your collective asses - and I'll be laughing at the irony of it all.


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