So it appears that I let my page get a little out of date.  It's not like any of you were reading the site, anyway, so get off my back.  I hate reading email about the site, unless it's something along the lines of "hey, mind if I help you update this thing?" etc.

On to recent happenings - helped Doe take the VCW title from Logan Caine several months ago, and since then, Doe dropped said title to Bain just two months ago.  Now, I'm looking to continue that feud and bring one home for the most dynamic group in VCW, Byrne & Shirley.

In HWA news, started running up against Brother Clay and Southern Breeze's other two rednecks, Kliff Hanger and Jaxon Breeze.  Of course, the fireball I threw in Brother Clay's face probably has a lot to do with his having a mad on for me.  This has lead to me being a nominal member of the South Side Playaz, alongside Drew and Gotti.  Apparently, surviving in Hell's Kitchen gives you street cred on the South side of Chicago.

Regardless, I'm now appearing every week at HWA's Tuesday Night Showcase, every Sunday on the HWA TV Tapings, and on almost any show run by HWA or VCW.  If you have the time, stop by and check me out - I'll make sure to sneer at you, if only a little bit.


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