I'm actually feeling pretty good right now.

Of course, for those of you reading this, it probably sounds like an odd thing.  I guess that I'm not allowed to have feelings, am I?

By doing a few things here and there, I was able to help raise over $10,144.50 for the Shriner's Burns Institute. The sad part about it is, for all the good they do, the hospital eventually has to spit their patients back out into society - out into YOUR hands.  The patients will then be subjected to as many mental and physical cruelties as you bastards can come up with (and just because they're DIFFERENT), and that is something that I only wish I could protect them from.  Regardless, Shriner's saved my life on two separate occasions, so this is kind of my attempt to pay back my debts.  As a matter of fact, I always try to pay back my debts - good and bad, whenever I have the chance.

So, that means on June 22, I might have to make sure that a few certain individuals are paid in full. Mattis, Crypt, and Logan Caine have all caused me some small edge of grief, and I mean to return the loan - with compound interest.

In closing, whether you're there at the Miami County Fairgrounds VCW show to cheer me or jeer me, I will guarantee only one thing - all of my debts will be collected, and all you can do about it is Nothing, and Like It.  Or you could pray, I suppose - but that's about the same thing.


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