I have had enough.

On Friday, April 19th, I was set to make my mark - to burn into the minds of every VCW fan exactly what it meant to cross me.

And again, I was denied.  Logan Caine, VCW Heavyweight Champion, was preparing to be instructed on how things really are.  He thought I was in the match for his title - which made him more the fool.  My intention all along was to show them - to show them all - that even the best the company had to offer wouldn't be safe from me.  After he retained his precious strap, I hit him with the Burnout, then with a chair - and then, with a Burnout onto the chair.  I was feeling pretty good.

And that's when Crypt and Mark Mattis, who apparently have not learned anything from these past two events, decided to run out to the ring, steel in their hands, to make sure that the lesson I was teaching Caine was ended.

This was the final straw.  If they want to make it so that each time I appear, I have to face more than one person, that's fine with me.  Next time, on May 25th at the Miami County Fairgrounds, I'll make sure that the odds against me are a little more even.  Who, you ask?  Who would Ric Byrne bring in to watch his back, who could be cruel enough, sadistic enough, and just as aware of the hypocrisy that abounds in our society for me to consider them worthy of watching over me?

Yeah, right, like I'm going to reveal my ace card.  Just rest assured that things are going to get quite interesting from here on in.


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