So, after being cancelled on, VCW wants me to come back.

On Friday, April 19th, VCW heads for its first ever show at the Miami County Fairgrounds.

Why pick me to return?  After all, they already know that part of my mission goal is to hurt everyone I end up facing.  Do they want me to hurt someone else?  Do they want to see the Burnout delivered time and again on the same hapless victim?

Or do they think I'm as weak as the average person - and that any one of their wrestlers will beat me down?  Maybe that's the case.  It saddens me to know that it just doesn't matter how many times I tell them, they never listen.  Although their wrestlers are good, some of the best, I'm one punch stronger, one step faster, and I'm ten shades meaner.  But, in an attempt to prove me wrong, I hear that they might be putting me up against a title holder...

...Logan Caine?

I can only be so lucky.  He and I still have some unfinished business - and what better way to finally get my message across than by taking it out on the man whom, according to his title, is the best that VCW has?

This is going to be fun.


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